South Carolina lottery wants your dog to appear on its $2

Your precious pup could be featured on a $2 holiday scratch-off coming out this fall. Everyone who submits a photo of their dog is also eligible for a drawing to win a $100

— SC Education Lottery (@sclottery) May 1, 2023
Twenty-five dogs will be chosen and those pups’ images will then be posted to the South Carolina Education Lottery’s website for a public vote.

Viewers have the chance to select their favorite pups beginning Monday, May 22 through Friday, May 26, the media release reported.

The $2 scratch-off tickets will go on sale on Tuesday, Oct. 3, offering players the chance to win up to $30,000, the lottery agency stated.

The South Carolina Education Lottery produced its first ticket sale in January 2002 and has since “transferred $7.2 billion for appropriation by the General Assembly,” the agency shared.

Last year, the South Carolina Education Lottery recorded its second-best year with $564 million transferred to education, $2.26 billion in ticket sales, $1.49 billion in prize winnings and $157.7 million commissioned to retailers, according to the lottery agency’s website.

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